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Each year CHI organizes a number of informal colloquia or reading groups, bringing together interested faculty, fellows, and graduate students around topics of interest. Colloquia usually meet 6-7 times a semester, with reading arranged in advance. To join a colloquium please contact its organizer.

Colloquia for 2020

“What is Information?” (Spring semester, Eric Hayot)

This colloquium offers a basic introduction to major themes in and around the concept of information. Readings and topics include theories of information, information aesthetics, the history of statistics, the digital humanities, the invention of writing, and more. A list of readings can be found here.

“Archives, Power and Information” (Spring semester, Pamela Vanhaitsma)

Conceptions of “the archive” are central to scholarship across the humanities. Much of the critical work on archives shows how they are not merely repositories of information, but cultural sites of power. Yet how might we interrogate the “information” of archives as much as we do their power? We will take up this question through reading that engages thinking across the humanities as well as archival studies. A list of readings can be found here.