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The Literary History of Information Management in China

Friday, Sept. 9th 124 Sparks   /   Penn State – University Park

9:30 – 9:45: Coffee and breakfast

9:45: Opening remarks  (Anatoly Detwyler, PSU)

10:00 – 11:00: “Information as a Humanistic Field” (Eric Hayot, PSU)

11:00 – 12:00: “Literary History and Information Management in Traditional China” (Jack Chen, University of Virginia)

12:00 – 1:00: Lunch (in room)

1:00 – 2:30: Premodern Panel I

  • “Encoding the Literary Inheritance: Memory and Text as Information Management in Medieval China” (Chris Nugent, Williams)
  • “Thinking about Tables of Contents in Traditional China” (Jack Chen, UVA
  • Discussant: Erica Brindley (PSU)

2:45 – 3:30: Premodern Panel II

  • “Workplaces: Locating Literary Labour in Seventeenth-Century China” (Bruce Rusk, University of British Columbia)
  • Discussant: Kathlene Baldanza (PSU)

3:30 – 4:00: Coffee break

4:00 – 5:30: Modern and Contemporary Panel

  • “From Data Mining to Media Event: Managing Literary Information in Republican China” (Anatoly Detwyler, PSU)
  • “Noisy From: Rethinking ‘Literature’ in the ‘Information Age’” (Xiao LIU, McGill University)
  • Discussant: Nicolai Volland (PSU)

6:00: Participants dinner, Zola (324 W. College Ave.)

Thanks to the Center for Humanities and Information and the Department of Asian Studies for their generous support.