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Alica Decker


In this project, I am concerned with two sets of interrelated questions. The first set considers the work that violence does for scholars (i.e. violence as archive): What does it mean to think of violence as an embodied archive? What types of data might such violence provide? How can we read torture as historical text? How is this archive gendered? The second set of questions focus on the political work of violence (i.e. violence as method): How does violence transmit information? What are the primary circuits of this information flow? What types of data are circulated through these networks? How are these circuits gendered? Taken together, these questions allow me to ascertain how violence, and information about violence, produces historical meaning. I will use this fellowship period to draft an article about violence as archive and method, as well as continue working on my latest book project, which looks at the gendered legacies of militarism in postcolonial Uganda.